For Android OS Tri3-TV Box  Is The Best Option When purchased from Tri3 TV, we pre-configure the devices with the Tri3-TV application, VPN Client, & Cinema Movies prior to shipping, all you do is connect, login and watch television!!!


Trident 3 TV Custom Application

  1. Select the link below to download the Trident 3 TV applications for Android Devices ie:
    1. Smart TV’s(only the TVs that allow you to install 3rd party applications)
    2. Smart Phones(Android only)
  2. Android Links
    1. url link for Trident 3 TV App
    2. url link for IPVanish VPN
    3. url link for Cinema Movies

For Windows PC & IOS Devices

The Smarters IPTV PRO Application is our App of choice for Windows & IOS content viewing. To enable the App please follow below instructions;

  1. Please follow instructions below and you could be viewing IPTV within minutes.
  2. The Smarters IPTV PRO Appis available free to download from
    1. url for
  1. Once downloaded and installed follow the instructions below
  2. Enabling codes issued need to be entered in the Login with Xtream Codes API

4-Enter Xtream connection details supplied by Trident 3 TV For the first field NAME choose a name of your choice(it can be any name) For USERNAME insert the Username provided to you by tri3-tv For PASSWORD insert the Password provided to you by tri3-tv For URL insert Then click ADD USER

5-The App will start downloading Channels  and in a few moments you will be logged in and you will see this page

Now you are logged in and able to view LIVE TV